Ms. Bernal's 5th and 6th Math and Science Class

                Welcome Back!!!

I am very excited to start a new school year!! I know there have been a lot of changes but I am excited to be in 5th and 6th grade this year! I hope you all had a great summer! We will be covering many different topics in math and science and will be very busy this year! We will be using this web page as a resource for class. You will find lots of different information to help! On our class pages you will find out about the assignments for the week and any other class info. There will be links to many different resources to help you complete assignments! The resource page has links to many different interesting websites. We will also be blogging about the topics we will be covering!  If you have any questions let me know.

Ms. Bernal 

Beginning of the year info and forms

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In this class we will be exploring and learning about different topics in math and science.

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